Hide and Seek

On March 11, 2011, I posted the following status on Facebook:

Wonder how long it will take to locate the credit card that the 2 yr old pilfered from my nightstand. Wonder how long it will take the 10 yr old to realize she should take things like that away from him when she sees him with them. Wonder how long it will take the 37 yr old to learn not to leave items like that where he can reach them. 😦

Back then, I routinely emptied my pockets onto my nightstand and then returned the contents to my pockets the next morning. Typically my pockets carried only my cell phone and perhaps some loose change.

Sometimes, there’d be a credit card stuffed in a back pocket. This happened on days that I paid for lunch at the cafeteria with a credit card. I never wanted to haul my purse with me so I’d put my credit card in my pocket, get lunch, pay for it, stuff the card back in my pocket, and then forget to return it to my wallet when I got back to my desk. Thanks to Facebook and other online distractions, I was almost always going to bed late and tired, so I never wanted to walk down the hall to my purse, which resides by the front door. So on the nightstand it would go.

On that particular morning, my routine was interrupted and I did not return the card to my pocket. I thought about it on my drive to work but brushed it off. It’d be waiting for me when I got home. Wrong.

When I saw it was missing, I immediately questioned the family members capable of responding coherently and my daughter admitted to seeing my youngest son with the credit card earlier that day. She didn’t see what he had done with it. No amount of questioning of the toddler yielded useful results.

So I posted the status and decided to wait until it turned up. Fast forward nine months to December 22nd. The subject of the missing credit card came up and I finally called the company to cancel that one and order a new one.

Later that afternoon, we decided to finally lay the last row of flooring in the hallway – a project that had been started more than a year earlier. My husband discovered that the flooring that was there was not laying flat by the bathroom door. He said, “There’s a rock under there. I’m going to lift the edge up. You get the rock out.”

He lifted the floor. I removed the rock. And the credit card.


Did this strike a chord with you? Tell me about it!

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