Road Trip

We had just finished eating dinner at a Chinese restaurant about a year ago when the following conversation took place.

Daryl (age 7): “Since we are in China, can we go to the Eiffel Tower?”

Me: “The Eiffel Tower is in Paris.”

Daryl: “Oh. Well, can we go to the Empire State Building?”

Jane (age 10): “That’s in New York!”

Daryl: “No it’s not. It’s in Las Vegas.”

Me: “No. It’s in New York.”

Daryl: “Well, yeah, the real one. But the fake one is in Las Vegas.”

Me: “I think you are thinking of the Statue of Liberty.”

Daryl: “There’s a fake Empire State Building in Las Vegas too… What’s the Eiffel tower?”

Jane: “It’s shaped like this and it’s in New York.”

Me (with a sigh): “It’s in Paris.”


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