Unexpected Crayon Performance

When Jane was very young, she tried to color on some white paper with a white crayon. Predictably, she looked up and announced, “This one is broken!”

Years later, at a Pizza Hut, Daryl was coloring on the kids’ menu with a blue crayon. I could tell he was getting increasingly agitated and began to bear down harder and harder. I hadn’t noticed that the section of the menu he was coloring was printed yellow and I couldn’t fathom what the problem was. Suddenly, he threw the crayon down in disgust and exclaimed, “WHY does it keep coloring GREEN?!!”

Sometimes it’s hard to remember what it is like to be a child. What you understand may be limited to a small sampling of life, but you expect to be able to rely on the information you have mastered. It must be terribly upsetting when reality doesn’t hold up. Hal has yet to be mystified by unexpected crayon performance, but give him time. Those crayons have some nasty tricks up their sleeves.

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