Nap Time

As we were wrapping up lunch after church, the older two began pestering me to watch a movie during Hal’s nap. I listened to the arguments for allowing them to watch this PG-13 movie and listened to my husband’s recommendation, since he’s already seen it.

I listened but my brain wasn’t engaging. I honestly couldn’t decide whether I wanted to watch it, much less whether I was willing to let them watch it. Finally a coherent thought made it through and I acted on it. I moved my cup away and laid my head down on my arms.

“I think Mommy needs a nap,” my husband said.

“I think she should take a nap in her body,” said Hal.

“Well, I think in her body would definitely be the best method for her to take a nap. It would probably be a lot more comfortable than an out-of-body nap. Dontcha think?”

“Well,” Hal clarified, “She could take a nap in her body or in her head or in a cup.”

“Do you think Mommy could fit in a cup?”

“Well, it would have to be a very big, big, big cup for her.”

Did this strike a chord with you? Tell me about it!

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