Last night, Jane and I saw Jack the Giant Slayer at the theater with a couple of friends. This morning, I woke her up before heading to work. She rolled over, stretched, and said, “Mom, Jack is R.”

“No, it’s PG-13.”

“No, we figured it out when he walked into the puppet show. Jack is R from Warm Bodies.”

An even funnier misunderstanding occurred between the two boys yesterday afternoon as we drove through the nearby town of Rockwall in our Prius, which we named Black Jack. People were discussing whether Black Jack was male or female or just a car.

“We got ‘Black Jack’ from Percy Jackson’s horse,” announced Daryl, referring to how we named it.

“No. No!” Hal was very urgent in his response. “Bubba, Bubba. Listen! We got Black Jack from Rockwall. Remember? We got him from Rockwall.”


Did this strike a chord with you? Tell me about it!

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