The Doctor Becomes Real

The Doctor is manipulating our lives. “Doctor who?” you ask? Exactly. Doctor Who. I don’t know why he is personally interfering with our rather mundane lives, but he is. We ought to get a ride on the Tardis for this. Just one will do. Someplace safe. Please.

Last weekend, we were watching “The Doctor’s Daughter” (Season 4, Episode 6, David Tennant). With about 10 minutes left in the episode, the opposing sides in a misguided war come crashing into the room. Only the doctor stands between them and mutual destruction. As they come into view, he puts one hand up in each direction and yells, “STOP!!

And just like that, our video stopped. With the doctor frozen in his “stop” pose. I guess when the doctor speaks, even our TV knows to listen. We tried a variety of solutions to our technical problems that night until we finally had to admit defeat and send the kids to bed. It would be 48 hours before we were able to view that last 10 minutes.

Last night, we returned to the doctor. After watching one episode, we noticed that the next was a two-parter. It was already 8:00 and I suggested that perhaps we should stop. We didn’t. The episodes were “Silence in the Library” and “Forest of the Dead.” They center around a planet that is a library – the entire planet. But all the people are missing and something is lurking in the shadows.

The doctor then indulged in some foreshadowing. He said, “Almost every species in the Universe has an irrational fear of the dark. But they’re wrong. ‘Cause it’s not irrational. It’s Vashta Nerada.”

Donna Noble then predictably asked what Vashta Nerada is.

“It’s what’s in the dark. It’s what’s always in the dark.”

We had only a few minutes left when we decided that Hal really wasn’t paying attention so we told him to go to the bathroom and change into his pajamas. He wasn’t happy about it but off he went.

This means that he was standing alone in the bathroom with his pants around his ankles when it went completely.and totally.dark. The power went out! There was a split second of silence before Hal started crying. Daryl and I both leapt off the couch and rushed to his aid, lighting the bathroom with our Nintendo DS and cell phone.

Jane was already in bed but the four of us still awake congregated in the boys’ room. Daryl shined a small flashlight while Hal got ready for bed. He didn’t like how dark it was and didn’t want anyone to leave.

Daryl and Daddy both started talking about avoiding the shadows. They were using their best ghost story voices. I spoke my husband’s name sharply and gave him an evil eye that couldn’t be seen in the dark.

We really didn’t need the object lesson on being afraid of the dark. It’s not easy to contradict the doctor when trying to comfort your young child. I mean, he is the doctor, after all. The next episode is entitled “Midnight”. I’m wondering what might happen if we stay up really late and watch it at midnight. I’m not sure I’m that adventurous.


Did this strike a chord with you? Tell me about it!

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