The Manly Way

Daryl and Hal were discussing the relative merits of putting the cherry in your mouth whole and then spitting out the seed vs. holding it in your hand and gnawing at it until the pit can be dug out.

Hal was of the opinion that gnawing at it was easier. Daryl, being the more sophisticated older brother, disagreed.

“It’s definitely better to take it all in your mouth and then spit it out. It gets easier with practice. Eating sunflower seeds at every baseball game helps.”

“I like to eat sunflower seeds!” Hal said. “I crack them open and put the seed in my mouth and throw the shell on the ground.”

“I do it the manly way,” countered Daryl. “I put them in my mouth, crack them open, and then spit the shells out! We like to spit them at each other.”

“That is disgusting, Daryl.” Jane scrunched up her face at the thought.

“That’s because you’re just a lady and we are men.”

“You don’t have to be sexist.”

“I’m not. It’s true. Ladies get disgusted about everything. They are like ‘ooh’ and ‘ooh’.” He pitched his voice higher and raised his hands up in imitation of a grossed-out woman.

“Now you are being stereotypical.”

Oh, how quickly a conversation devolves. One minute we are all enjoying some fresh fruit. The next, we are busting out the heavy-duty labels. Do you have any idea how hard it is to keep a straight face when your nine year old boy claims to be a “manly man”?

1 thought on “The Manly Way

  1. I love that Jane immediately calls him out for being “sexist” and “stereotypical!” I know too many grown women who can’t seem to bring themselves to do that when someone of either gender makes sweeping generalizations. I guess many of us gave up on trying to make others see the error of their presumptions but there are so many, many people out there who depend upon stereotypes…sadly, including one of my own 30-something brothers, I have just discovered. Go, Jane! You tell him, Sister!

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