How many children does it take to pour salad dressing from a bottle? If they are mine, three.

Dinner tonight consisted of choose-your-nut butter and jelly sandwiches (three of us had fresh almond butter while the other two chose peanut) and raw broccoli florets on the side. It was a late dinner after baseball and volleyball so most had snacked and no one needed much to eat.

Jane busted out the well-used bottle of Ranch dressing and with considerable effort, managed to get out enough for her use. Daryl then took the bottle and got some as well, again, not easily.

Hal looked at the two of them, picked up the bottle, looked at it, and tossed it into the recycle bin, announcing, “Daddy! We are out of Ranch dressing!”

Jane, who has little faith in grocery items being replaced in a timely fashion, reacted quickly, grabbing the bottle before it hit the bin and insisting there was still plenty of dressing in the bottle.

Hal appeared to think about it for a minute before opening the bottle and turning it upside down. He started squeezing the sides of the bottle in rapid fashion. I told him to be patient.

Jane reached over and grabbed the side of the bottle. Hal did not let go. As Hal squeezed the bottle, Jane began to shake it up and down. When dressing did not immediately appear, Daryl reached over and hit the top of the bottle with his fist.

The sight of all three of them each performing their own preferred method of dressing extraction at the same time brought a smile to my face. For once, it didn’t break out into a fight with some “Let me do it!”s and “Fine! I was just trying to help!”s. With a little teamwork, they soon had the dressing flowing and everyone ate their meal in peace.


Did this strike a chord with you? Tell me about it!

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