My Little Lad Learns His Letters

Like many preschoolers, Hal has certain letters that he has difficulty saying. One of those letters has been the letter L. He has always pronounced it like a Y.

One day, a teacher at his school taught him to make a better L sound. He came home excited to show it off. “Mommy, watch. I can say LLLLLLLLLook. See? I don’t say yook anymore. I say LLLLLLook.”

He held out the L sound for a very long time. He also stuck his tongue out as he made the sound.

After he ran through several L words, each time sticking his tongue out, I said, “Hal, you aren’t supposed to stick your tongue out like that. It sounds closer but it’s not quite right. Look where I put my tongue. You touch the back of your teeth. Like this.”

I then demonstrated. He tried it out and was quite tickled when it worked. That was several weeks ago. It took a couple of days to break the protruding tongue habit, but he kept working at it. He is proud of his new letter, even though it still takes concentration to get it right.

“Mommy, I {pause} LLLove you.”

“Bubba, {pause} LLLook at my {pause} LLLion picture.”

Hopefully we aren’t working with him a year from now to eliminate the pause and shorten how long he holds out the L. Right now, though, it’s just about the most adorable thing he does.


2 thoughts on “My Little Lad Learns His Letters

  1. You have the best little happy stories. It must be difficult sometimes to juggle everything and keep a positive outlook, but your love for your family clearly trumps all. Thank you for sharing the good stuff; too many parents get caught up in the struggle and seem to forget to enjoy the process of helping their children navigate through life. I love your posts so much that they don’t even make me feel jealous (much) even though I don’t have a family of my own yet…brava for adding positivity to the world! 🙂

    • Hah! I’m not known for my positivity in “real life”. But I have found that looking for the “bright spots” to write about does indeed help me keep a better attitude. This has been the hardest year of parenting so far. I’m glad I’m communicating the happy stuff more than whining about the hard stuff. And I’m very happy to hear that you are entertained by the stories.

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