Speaking Spanish

Hal fancies himself fluent in Spanish. He often asks me if I know what a certain word is in Spanish and then gives me a clearly made-up word when I admit that I don’t know. Today, he asked if I knew what “yes” was in Spanish. Finally, a word that I thought he might have actually learned.

“Si,” I replied, expecting a surprised grin as he recognized my double answer.

He looked confused. “What?”

I studied him for a second before asking, “You don’t actually know what it is, do you?”

“Yes, I do. It’s… ummm… yessk.”

“No, Hal. It’s ‘si’. That’s why I said ‘si’ when you asked if I knew it.”


Jane jumped in and said, “No in Spanish is ‘no’.”

“But with a Spanish accent,” I added. She just looked at me. “Oh, come on! That was a little bit funny… right?”

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