A Husband Worth Having

Let me tell you how a husband is supposed to be. Wait, let me qualify that just a little bit. Let me tell you how a husband of twenty-plus years is supposed to be. Maybe the young and/or newlyweds can be let off the hook. For awhile.

You are walking along beside him when you realize that he has stopped. You turn to look at him and he has this magnificent smile on his face. Before you have the chance to ask what he is smiling about, he tells you.

“I love your gray hairs.”

“That’s good because I am getting more and more of them all the time.”

“I know. I love that you are getting gray hairs and that you have so many of them.”


“Because I like seeing you change. I’ve known you for so long. I can remember when you didn’t have any gray hairs. I love that you have them now and I am with you. I love that you have started running. That you blog. I love being here and watching you change as time goes on.”

That right there is a husband worth having. When he says something like that without a hint of sarcasm, with nothing but love and sincerity behind it, that’s when he proves he’s worth traveling through this life alongside. I took his hand and we walked on together, both feeling warm and content inside.

4 thoughts on “A Husband Worth Having

    • Gah! I was so terrible at responding to comments last year! I’ll blame it on the poor wifi where I was… yeah, that’s it. 😉 I love your comments. They always make me smile.

    • And I am so happy to have you in our life. You are pretty darn amazing yourself. Hope to see you soon… and hope you don’t find it too odd that it took me a year to respond to this! lol As I told Felicite above, I was obviously a very negligent blogger last year.

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