What Fatigue Makes Funny

At the end of the day, I found myself sitting at our dining room table with my husband, his studio assistant Aubrey, his sister Grace, and Grace’s boyfriend Bob. My husband and Aubrey had just finished firing the kiln and were more than a little tired, having started 24 hours earlier. I had stayed home from work due to excessive fatigue after our always-exhausting triple birthday weekend as well as an upset stomach and a sick daughter. Bob and Grace were also tired so the conversation was a bit slap-happy.

Bob’s bottom lip had begun to swell shortly after they arrived. He didn’t know why but my husband insisted it looked like an allergic reaction, especially since the ice he’d been holding against it wasn’t working. Before long, people were teasing him about his fat bottom lip. Someone commented about him being short with a fat lip.

“My wife’s wondering what’s wrong with being short with a big bottom lip,” my husband said.

“Yeah,” I said, “What’s wrong with that?” I pouted out my already pronounced lip to emphasize the question.

Grace told Bob, “Yeah. You could look like her, except you don’t have massive hips to go with it.”

“Wait. Now I’m short with a big bottom lip and incredibly big hips?!”

Everyone started laughing as Grace tried to clarify she didn’t consider it a bad thing. In an attempt to prove her point, she began to talk about a friend of hers. “My friend Victoria, she has way better hips than you. I mean. I meant. Way bigger hips…”

I cut her off. “Oh, I see! Now I have inferior big hips, a fat lip, and I’m short.”

Soon after that, Grace began telling a tale about prairie dogs and Bob yipping at them. Soon, the good-natured insults moved back to Bob.

“Well, maybe you are actually a prairie dog. I mean, you are little and you yip.”

“And you carry disease,” added Grace.

My husband scooted away from Bob.

I’m sure it was the fatigue that had us all dissolving into laughter. And it’s surely fatigue that has me thinking it’s funny enough to blog about.


Did this strike a chord with you? Tell me about it!

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