A Lovely Acorn


This is my bathroom drawer. Unlike many women, I have few needs in prepping myself each morning; deodorant, a hairbrush, some blush and mascara suffice. If it’s cold, I’ll bust out the hair dryer from the adjacent drawer. Oh, yeah, and an acorn. Doesn’t everyone have an acorn in their bathroom drawer? No?

On a recent morning, I was getting ready for work and I noticed a small green plastic dinosaur and a tiny acorn sitting on the counter. I had removed them from my pocket earlier in the week. I’m not in the habit of stuffing tree seeds or toys in my pockets but Hal has his effect.

The dinosaur entered my pocket after he had spent a week looking for it at church. He had left it there and was desperate to find it. When he ultimately found it in the nursery’s trash can, I suggested that I keep it for him so he didn’t lose it again.

The acorn joined it a short time later as we prepared to leave. I was standing outside watching some of the kids play in the yard. Hal was scavenging near the flower beds. He ran up to me, full of excitement.

“Look, look, Mommy! Isn’t this a beautiful little acorn? It still has its little hat on and everything!”

“Yes, dear, it’s very nice.”

“It’s for you! I want you to have it!”

I thanked him for the thoughtful gift. Other times, I might have waited until he turned his back and then dropped it quietly into the flower bed. But the acorn was kind of cute and at that moment, I had a particularly low tolerance for the consequences if I were to get caught. So, it joined the dinosaur in my pocket.

And then they both landed on the counter when I undressed that night. They went several days without Hal noticing them so when I saw them this particular morning, I called him in.

“Look,” I said. “There’s your green dinosaur. Why don’t you take it to your room?”

“And there’s your acorn!” he announced, once again excited. “Look at its little hat!”

“Yes, it’s a lovely acorn.”

“Where do you want me to put it?” he asked.

“Well… I really don’t have any place to keep it…” I said, preparing to suggest that he store it somewhere or put it out in the yard.

“I know! You can keep it in this drawer!” He placed it carefully in the open drawer, beamed at me proudly, and left the room with the dinosaur.

And now I have an acorn in my bathroom drawer. I might just leave it there. It kinda makes me smile.

Did this strike a chord with you? Tell me about it!

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