Oh, Yeah?! Well…

We have a big event for my husband’s business this weekend for which I always provide refreshments. It’s usually a big deal and has almost always included a particular cheese ball that my family is quite fond of.

This year, however, a winter storm is moving in. I am concerned that we may have a very low turnout. I’ve also been ten times busier than usual and want to keep it simple. So I told my husband that I was avoiding any dishes that needed to be kept cold.

“That sounds fine. As long as you make that cheese ball.”

“Honey, the cheese ball is a refrigerated item. I wasn’t planning on making it.”

He and Jane both looked shocked.

“Well, if you don’t make the cheese ball, I’m not weed eating,” he said, referring to a task I had asked him to take care of before the event.

“Ooh!” Jane said, turning to look at me expectantly.

“Then I won’t be here Saturday.”

“Ooh!” Jane’s head whipped back to her Daddy.

“Neither will I.”

“Ooh!” She turned back to me.

“Well, good. Maybe if you go out of business, you’ll have time to actually clean house.”

“Ooh!” Back to her Daddy to await his response.

“We’ll lose a lot of money before that happens.”

He flashed me his best grin. He knew he had won.


Did this strike a chord with you? Tell me about it!

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