Clifford isn’t Real


Study this picture for a few minutes. Do you see anything wrong? Take a good hard look.

Tonight, my 10 year old son Daryl showed me the book and asked me what’s wrong with Clifford in the picture.

I studied it for awhile, counting the same number of digits on the “hands” and on the back feet. There was a tail. And an ear. And it was reasonable to assume the other ear was just blocked from view. Two eyes, a nose. Nothing out of line that I could see. So I said so.

He pointed to the hand holding the firefighting axe and and said, “He has opposable thumbs! Clifford can’t have opposable thumbs!”

“He’s also bigger than that apartment building, has surprisingly human abilities and intellect, and is a scary bright shade of red. What’s your point?”

“He can’t have opposable thumbs!”

Well, ok then.

1 thought on “Clifford isn’t Real

  1. The illustrator also missed that the smoke shouldn’t have 2 entirely opposite trajectories as it leaves the building… and why is Clifford putting the hose in the lower-level window but no flames are visible anywhere?
    But, opposable thumbs, very true!

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