Stone Age

A coworker today told me that I’m living in the Stone Age. He said this when he found out we don’t have cable. Actually any TV reception at all.

We watch our TV from Netflix and Amazon Prime via our Roku box. I hear that’s how the cavemen did it too. My coworker, on the other hand, recently upgraded from taping his shows to using a DVR.

I depend heavily on my smart phone. It serves as my alarm clock, cooking timer, stopwatch, address book, calendar and day planner, email portal, to-do list, notebook, map, GPS, dictionary, camera, video camera, newspaper, reference book, casual gaming device, and more. I even use it to make phone calls from time to time.

My coworker, the Renaissance Man that he is, doesn’t have a smart phone. Actually, he doesn’t have a cell phone at all. Or a computer. No internet at home. What separates sophisticates like him from stone-agers like me is apparently not technology at all but merely whether you have access to catch the Super Bowl this weekend.

As much as I love watching big beefy guys crash into each other, I think I’ll just stay in my cave. Besides, I can get a pretty good idea how the game is going by watching my Facebook newsfeed. On my phone. While watching Dr. Who on my Roku. And all the commercials will likely be on YouTube by Monday.

2 thoughts on “Stone Age

  1. I’m not saying I don’t watch television (and there are some shows I really enjoy) but I have never purchased a single television set, ever, and I refuse to accept that cable could possibly be worth the nearly $200/month many people pay for it. I travel extensively by car for my business, and have a 3-hr per day commute for my parttime job, so that kind of money needs to remain earmarked for things like maintaining a safe and reliable vehicle. Or keeping decent food on the table. You know, the little luxuries like that…

  2. We have cable here, but I almost never watch it–literally only when my college football team is being televised, and then only when I remember.

    Otherwise, when my husband turns it on, I can’t help but wonder, “What is this magic?” My TV-watching is through Amazon Prime. Most my everything else, too. And my cell phone.

    Cable TV isn’t really much to be missed, as you so aptly state in your giggle-inspiring post. 😀

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