A Few of our Favorite Things

I recently noticed a purple wrapped box on the kitchen counter. It had a note written on it: “To Everyone”.

I idly wondered which of the children it was from but then went on about the things I needed to be doing. I think a week or two went by without all of us being together at the same time, near the box, and with someone cognizant about the box. I never got a chance to ask who it was from.

Today, I walked through the living room as Hal tore into the box. There were several layers of construction paper wrapping. I heard my husband comment that there was something for everyone. And then he and Hal began to thank Daryl.

I looked up as I passed through a second time to see Daryl curled up in the recliner, playing on his Nintendo DS, and trying his best to hide the self-conscious smile spreading from ear to ear.

Then I looked down at the little table where the contents of the box had been spread out. I now remember him asking me what my favorite thing was so he could draw it. And that’s what he did: draw his family’s favorite things and wrap them up in a box. Sometimes this kid is truly special and thoughtful.



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