Taking Your Licks

Jane recently made some cupcakes from scratch. She didn’t use a box mix, she used extra vanilla, and she poked holes in the top to add hot blackberry Jell-O.

They were tasty.

Very tasty.

As such, they disappeared quickly. She made more but those disappeared quickly as well. In fact, one recent night, there were only a few left and the kids were fighting over them.

From the other room, I could hear Hal objecting because someone had eaten his cupcake.

I heard my husband tell him that he could have “this one” when he finished his dinner. “It’s ok,” he tried to assure him. “There’s enough for everyone. You can have this one.”

I then heard Daryl apologizing for eating Hal’s cupcake. “I didn’t know you wanted that particular one.”

All three people in the room attempted to comfort Hal, calm him down, convince him that the available cupcake would be sufficient and equally tasty.

Through the sobbing, I heard Hal’s desperately sad little voice:

“But I wanted the one that I had licked!”

I guess he hadn’t figured out that licking something to claim ownership only works if people actually see you do it.

5 thoughts on “Taking Your Licks

  1. Priceless!
    Brothers do the weirdest (and sometimes ickiest) things…though it seems Hal didn’t quite understand the gross out factor of his behavior in this one…yet!
    My Mom’s brother was legendary for sneaking into a box of fancy chocolates and “trying” each one for the filling contents by biting into them and leaving the half-eaten ones he didnt like. Once caught, he changed tactics. The new trick was poking his finger in the bottom of each, so the chocolates looked unadulterated until an unsuspecting person came along to discover otherwise. Ewww.

    • LOL! Our family regularly shares glasses and samples each other’s food, thus sharing forks or biting off the same hamburger, etc. so the gross-out factor is slightly less for us. What I found so hilarious was that we’ve joked about licking food in order to mark it ours and Hal misunderstood why that tactic would (allegedly) work.

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