Why I Share Where I Do

So yesterday’s post was almost a Facebook status update. I took that picture, hit the share button on my phone, selected Facebook, and was typing the status update about my son using the word “plinth”, when my husband pointed out to me that I shouldn’t be climbing mindlessly into the passenger seat of his car… since my car was in the parking lot as well.

I stopped the post and began my drive home. As I did so, I thought about the story for awhile and thought, “Hey, that could be a blog post.” And that’s when I realized that my story sharing has taken a sharp change in direction of late. I am much more likely to share my little vignettes of life on WordPress than I am on Facebook.

Used to be, I had to throttle my Facebook status updates so I didn’t annoy my friends. Now, if I look at my timeline, it is composed almost entirely of shares from WordPress. That night on the drive home, I felt like I was making a choice of who to share with.

See, there are many people who read my blog that I don’t know in real life, thus, they are not my Facebook friends. Likewise, there are people that are my Facebook friends who don’t follow the link to my blog posts. Many do, but as many or more don’t. So when I’m faced with that choice to share a brief synopsis of my son’s funny behavior on Facebook or a more lengthy telling on WordPress, I feel like I’m making the choice between sharing with friends or strangers. And more and more, I’m making the choice to share with strangers.

I struggled with that but by the time I had reached home, I had decided that, yes, I wanted to blog about it. It was a cute story. If I blog it, I have it forever. I can search my history, I can bundle it up in a book later in life, I can give it to my child when he’s an adult. If I post it on Facebook… *sigh* I gave up trying to save off my Facebook statuses a long time ago. It was just too much work. If I share it on Facebook, it’s a flash in the pan and then it’s gone.

And… And… anyone can read the blog. Anyone. Even all those Facebook friends who don’t. And who knows? Maybe more of them read it than I think. I’m frequently surprised by someone referencing a post when I didn’t know they paid my blog any attention at all.

I read someone’s blog recently about why they write. They talked about all the words in their head and needing to get them out. That’s not me. What I do have is a driving interest to tell stories. I don’t make them up. I’m not (yet) a writer of fiction. But I do thoroughly enjoy telling the stories of what’s happening around me in what is (hopefully) an entertaining and engaging way.

As I said in my first ever blog post, people on Facebook were enjoying my stories. They encouraged me to share them with a wider audience. Ironically, they aren’t around encouraging me much anymore but I trust that their sentiment was genuine. I came across a letter from a long-lost friend recently; he too told me that I needed to share my stories.

And so here I am. Trusting that it’s far better to fully flesh out my story and save it for posterity than to throw a quick quip out there on Facebook. And judging by how much my daughter laughed when she read about her brother’s “Inner Dragon” last night, I think I’m taking the right path. Because now, she’ll be able to laugh about it again and again. And some day, his kids can laugh about it too.

5 thoughts on “Why I Share Where I Do

  1. I have, at times, made a FB post into a blog. It’s very hard because now I am on Twitter as well and between FB Twitter and WP, I just run out of things to say. Therefore, I rarely post on Twitter other than links for my blogs which get automatically shared. By the way, I rarely share my posts on FB even though I know it would increase my readership. I’m afraid too many friends and relatives will get insulted.

    • My FB is private so I still share pictures of my kids and stuff like that. The blog posts automatically share because my blog is (supposed to be) primarily happy feel-good stories about the kids and some of the grandparents access them through FB. I started out sharing them because those were the people who wanted to read them and… who would read the blog if I didn’t share them with people I know?! For the most part, people who know me and the kids are still my primary targeted audience.

      That said, there have been times when I have wanted to pontificate on some significant thing that would shed a poor light on some family or friends that I know read the blog. Those times, I’ve wished my blog was not known as mine because I feel I can’t tell those stories or at least not be as fully honest as I’d like. I’ve thought about starting another one for those stories (and also maybe my views on current events), but that’s just too much work. I can barely keep up with what I’ve got going now!

      Your stuff… I’ve sometimes raised an eyebrow and wondered if it was referring to true events or fiction. If any of it’s true, I could see how some folks might get insulted if you are ripping into them. If it’s fiction, then I’d say people just need to lighten up. 🙂

      • I know what you mean. I aim my blog at anyone but friends and family, so I guess in that way we are different. Most of my blog posts are based on things that actually happened. I’m not sure if my FB would realize that a specific blog was about them. I do try to protect their identities, but you never know…

    • Yeah, I can see a lot of value in that, but in my case, one grew out of the other so it’s less clear. And it’s not like I can now make my blog anonymous to my family and friends without starting completely over which I’m not interested in doing. So I’ll just live with the tension, I suppose.

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