A Good Laugh

I really don’t think it was the wine.

I mean, I am more prone to laughter if I’ve had something to drink and it was red wine, which is stronger than my usual sweet white… but it’d been three hours since I drank the wine and it had only been one glass.

No, I can’t blame the wine.  I blame Dave Ramsey.

I already found stuff like this a little bit funny but thanks to Dave, the timing really tickled my funny bone.  We paid off one of our vehicles last month while taking Financial Peace University.  It felt soooooo good!

Then last night, I noticed a voicemail message on my phone.  As the message began to play, I started to grin.  Then the grin became a smile.  Which became a chuckle.  Which grew into some gentle laughter.  Which grew into stronger laughter and finally became quite raucous indeed.  Until my husband was looking up, asking me what was so funny as I hung up the phone.

The call was from the credit union that had carried our loan.  She started off by congratulating us on paying off our vehicle.  Yeah, right.  Sure you are happy about that. {grin}

She then said she wanted to check in to see if there was anything else they could do for us. {smile}

“And we also wanted to let you know about our special vehicle promotion we are offering if you finance through us…” {chuckle}  I bet you are!

“…no payments for 90 days…” {gentle laughter}  Oh, Dave would love that one.

“…and $100 cash…” {strong laughter}  Do you really think that’ll work?

“…plus 2 tickets to Desperado Park…” {raucous laughter as she continued} “…on our special customer appreciation night, which is September 13th…”

Translation:  We are very disappointed that you took away our revenue by paying off your loan so early and we are desperately looking for another way to get money out of you.  Even though you paid off your loan substantially early, we still think we might be able to entice you with “90 days same as cash”.  We just won’t mention that the interest will continue to accrue.  And even though you just shelled out several thousand dollars in cash to pay off that loan, we think we might be able to get you to take out a new loan by offering you a hundred dollars.  And if that’s not enough, then surely a couple of tickets to the relatively small amusement park you frequented as a child that is now hours from your home will rope you in.  Although you’ll have to go on a particular day.  We can’t afford to be too generous.  Because, you know, some of our customers bailed early on us last month.  Like you.

I hate to sound like a Dave Ramsey sales pitch because I really do hate all the hype surrounding the man.  But, seriously.  That course has paid dividends for us!  On top of all the more obvious benefits, if you want to be amused by a sales pitch too, all it takes is some Financial Peace.  And maybe a glass of wine.


3 thoughts on “A Good Laugh

    • I’m guessing people *do* fall for that or they wouldn’t bother. I remember the day years and years ago when I realized that my credit score must be really bad because I got a credit card offer for a $500 credit line with a $250 annual fee, which would be conveniently charged to my credit card. I thought, “Really? Do people actually sign up for stuff like this?”

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