On The Way To Work

2014-09-15 19.39.37

These cows caught my attention on my drive to work this morning. They were investigating the watermelon near their salt lick. I was bemused by the presence of the watermelon and suspected that they were too.

As I drove by, I thought, That would be a pretty cool picture.  How often do you see cows eating watermelon? I turned down the next road and thought, No, really. That’d be a cool picture. You should go back and take it. So in a rare spark of spontaneity, I did.

Now, I may live in rural Texas such that I drive by these fine bovines every day, but I’m not really a country girl. I stop and take pictures of things I think are cute. That’s not something my neighbors would do.

And it was my neighbors who caught me taking pictures of the cows. I hopped out of the truck, hoping not to be seen, but there was the couple that lives in the corner house, drinking coffee out on their front porch. I waved and sheepishly told them I thought the cows looked cute with the watermelon. I motioned with my phone and indicated I was just going to take a picture.

They weren’t their cows. They didn’t care. But I’m sure they thought I was odd. Especially since I had turned around and come back to take the picture. I was beginning to feel foolish.

As I got closer to the fence, I heard the man on the porch call out: “Hoooooo-weeeeee!!!!! Here they come! They think you are going to feed them!”

I looked up from my camera in time to see the other dozen cows that had been nowhere near my two subjects running toward me. One was even kicking her back legs up in excitement.

I apologized to the cows. I nodded to the neighbors. I got back into my truck. And drove my city girl butt to work. And tried not to think about just how silly I looked.

5 thoughts on “On The Way To Work

  1. I don’t see cows often. The first time I was in Indiana, visiting my husband’s family, I was hoping to see pigs. After having no luck, we finally gave up and decided to take my picture with a bunch of cows. Unlike your experience, they all ran away.

    • Only if you are being particularly pedantic. While the technical definition of cow is “the mature female of a bovine animal, especially of the genus Bos”, the informal or non-technical definition (i.e. that used by city girls and, indeed, most people in casual conversation) is “a domestic bovine of either sex and any age” (according to Americans) or “any domestic species of cattle” (according to the Brits).

      Now if there is one thing I know about you, it’s that you are not terribly pedantic. Particularly about animal naming. And another thing I know is that you never read my blog the day it posts… So I’m going to go out on a limb and say that you aren’t really you, yet I think I know who you really are. 😛

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