Impregnable Fortress

My husband commented the other day that he assumes we had great Kindergarten artists in the house before but really, it seems like the current one is particularly talented.  I agreed.  I am sure we were particularly impressed with the others in their day too, but history has a way of fading.

Here’s a picture that came home recently:


We personally think this is one of the finest pieces of art ever generated.  You might recognize the ground and those big brown trees and the flags flying above the castle.  Bet you didn’t know those guys up front were gardeners, sternly guarding the castle.  You didn’t, did you?  And those pink blobs hanging down from the top?  Lasers.  Just in case the stern gardeners aren’t there to do their duty.  And that yellow upside down L shape?  Their pet.   It has quite the stern expression as well.  And, no, silly, there aren’t two setting suns in this universe.  Those are the lights.


Close-up of the lasers and grumpy gardeners


Close-up of the yellow pet

Close-up of the yellow pet


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