Lost and Found

So, the other day, I stepped into my favorite workplace bathroom and chose my favorite stall.  I noticed an old-style, basic black plastic comb on the toilet paper dispenser.  You know, like one a man might keep in his back pocket.  That struck me as strange, but no big deal.

I turned to face the toilet after locking the stall and noticed something much stranger.  The Febreeze bottle that usually sits, if I’m not mistaken, on top of the paper liner dispenser above the toilet was actually floating in the toilet water.  I stared at it blankly for a moment and then quickly moved to my second-favorite stall.

As I did so, I thought back to my boss telling me he had seen a pair of reading glasses in a toilet of the men’s room about a month ago.  His comment at the time was that he would have left them there too.  I had pondered whether it would have been worth it to me and whether enough washing could have overcome the ick factor had they been my glasses.  With the Febreeze bottle, I found myself annoyed at the person who had done it for not retrieving the bottle and throwing it away.  I briefly contemplated doing it myself but then thought better of it.

Shortly after my boss told me about the reading glasses, I noticed a paper towel lying on a table in the adjacent breakroom.  On top of the paper towel was a pair of gold reading glasses.  Written on the towel was “found in men’s room”.  I wondered whether these were the toilet glasses.  I assumed the janitor had retrieved them and I couldn’t help but wonder if she had washed them with soap and water or just dried them and set them out there.  They sat there for a long time.  No one claimed them.  I wondered if the owner knew where they had been and refused to pick them up.

Back to the Febreeze bottle.  I walked into the bathroom the next day and again chose my favorite stall.  The Febreeze bottle was no longer in the toilet bowl.  No, it was sitting on the floor, waiting for someone to feel the need to use it.  Again, I wondered who had retrieved it and why, oh why, they hadn’t just thrown it away.


Did this strike a chord with you? Tell me about it!

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