Doing the Math

“Mommy?” Hal asked, “Why can’t you buy a Transformers game for your DS for 10 cents?”

“Because it costs them more than 10 cents to make the game so they have to charge you more money to cover their costs and make a profit.”

“Well can you buy it for 10 dollars?”

“I don’t know.  We’d have to look.”

“Do you know how many 1 dollars it takes to make a 10 dollar?”

“How many?”

He smiled smugly and said, “Seven.”

“Um, no…”

“Oh, wait!  Wait!” He looked slightly abashed.  “I mean, I have 3 dollars right now so I need another 7 to have 10.”

“That is exactly right!”  Sometimes conversations with your Kindergartner can take you from feeling like they must not be learning anything at all to feeling like they’re actually pretty darn smart.

And then you talk to your husband and find out that yours was the follow-on conversation. He had had a conversation with the kid a few minutes earlier in which he had helped him figure out how much more money he needed to earn.  Then you think your kid is just really sneaky and wants you to think he knows even more than he does.


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