The Boy’s Got Ink

My Kindergartner has tattoos.  Lots of them.  All over both upper arms.  He even had to have a discussion with the Principal at school concerning them.  He had placed one on his forearm and had to be told that all tattoos must be high enough to be hidden by his shirt sleeve.

This cracked me up.  For one thing, his dad’s tattoos are almost always visible from under the edges of his shirt sleeves.  I guess he sets a bad example, although he’s eagerly welcomed as a volunteer at the school.  For another, they are temporary tattoos, most of which he’s been getting from the treasure box at school.

Anyway, he’s very proud of them.  He’ll show them to anyone who asks and many people who don’t.  Check ’em out:


The unfortunate thing about treasure box tattoos is that the ink doesn’t last as long as one might desire.  They don’t hurt as much either though, so I guess there are trade-offs.  Plus, you ultimately end up getting to have more of them because you get to reuse real estate on your arm.  Looks like Smiley’s space will be available soon.  And whoever that superhero is.


This pirate skull has definitely seen better days.


His left arm has quite a few.  I would have expected his right arm to have more since he’s left-handed and I’m pretty sure he puts these on himself.  I’m not sure what the text says and I don’t recognize the vehicle but it looks pretty bad-a**.


The cat is my favorite.  It looks like it used to be very sparkly.  He was disappointed tonight when he realized he had left his backpack in the other vehicle.  He apparently had new tattoos to add.

Captain America was the most recent addition.  He accidentally ripped some of the ink off when he removed the plastic protector sheet so the “Captain America” text over the name didn’t stick completely.  He was devastated.  This was when I introduced the concept of tattoo removal to him.  He stood patiently as I scraped the not-yet-dry text from his arm.  You can still see the red in the picture.  He didn’t cry out though.  He’s willing to suffer for his art.


He commented to his dad once that, what with the can’t-be-visible edict the Principal had handed down and all, he didn’t have room for more.  His dad then showed him the tattoos on the undersides of his own arms.  Hal’s eyes lit up!  More room after all!

Sometimes I think that the only reason he stays “on green” in the school behavior chart is so he can acquire more ink.  More power to him.


8 thoughts on “The Boy’s Got Ink

  1. Yep, my husband’s got plenty of tattoos so I know the value of real estate, so funny that your son relates to that. My kids love to be like daddy with the tattoos but I don’t think they’re quite as obsessed as your son. I don’t know about that school rule though, gotta say. Feel like it’s relating too much to real life.

    • His eyes widened about the under-arm real estate but he hasn’t made use of it yet. I don’t think he’s convinced that it’s a good place for a tattoo.

      I suspect the school rule is broader in scope about appearance in general: fake hair color, mohawks, visible marks on the skin, whatever, and not specific to tattoos.

      • Yep, I actually know of a girl who got a tattoo, not under her arm but near that area. Personally, I don’t think it looked very flattering, but that’s for permanent of course.

        As for school rule, perhaps, but I see more and more kids with fake hair color, mohawks, etc. I would think schools might be more accepting.

    • Exactly! Talk about nonsensical and (almost) mutually-exclusive policies. What is that school doing, trying to prepare kindergarteners for working in a cubicle ward of the mega-conglomerate?

      • I suspect it’s a matter of the left hand not knowing what the right is doing. The Kindergarten teacher has temporary tattoos in her treasure box, which is independent of the school district’s rules regarding appearance.

  2. As a former teacher, I had to roll my eyes at the principal speaking to your son. He got the tattoos for good behavior! He should be praising the number that he has!
    I have a tattoo on my right inner forearm that can only be hidden by wearing a 3/4 length sleeve cardigan. If it’s hot out, the world can kiss my butt if they don’t like my ink! (It’s a cherry blossom branch with 4 birds, and a memorial tattoo for my mom–not something that would offend). Your son should wear his ink with pride! 🙂

    • I suspect the principal didn’t know he had received the tattoos from school for good behavior. He brings them home to apply there. Along with any others he gets from wherever else.

      Your tattoo sounds lovely. Times are changing with regards to them. Heck, our PTA Prez has numerous ones visible!

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