Unorthodox Halloween

There’s a football game tonight.  And it’s the game at which the middle school bands come and perform with the high school one.  And there’s an orchestra practice after school.  All of this makes it very difficult to go trick or treating.  Or go to any of the non-door-to-door options the city makes available.

Now, other than the downside of having to attend a football game, this doesn’t particularly upset me.  But Hal has been asking daily about how close we are to Halloween.  And Daryl typically enjoys it too.  So what’s a resourceful mom to do?

Bribe ’em.

After explaining the situation, I made the offer.  “What if, instead of trick or treating, I give each of you $5.  You can spend it on candy if you want to or you can spend it or save it for something else.”

Daryl was convinced and eager.  Hal looked uncertain.  I continued.  “And you can still wear your costume to the football game.  Sissy will be wearing hers.”

Now Hal was convinced.  Score!  And then I got an unexpected bonus victory.  Daryl said he didn’t want to wear a costume, which meant I didn’t have to help out with a last minute costume decision.  This might just be the best Halloween ever.  Except for having to go to that football game, that is…

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