Because People Will Die Today

I was sitting in the audience during a symphony performance this evening. Beautiful music was swirling all around me. I was taking it all in when suddenly, thanks to this post by John Pavlovitz (one of my most favorite new-to-me bloggers), this thought entered my mind:

***People died today.***

The music actually seemed brighter and more precious.

***People died today, but I am alive. I am alive and I am here, listening to this music. So I should Be. Here. Now.***

And all other thoughts faded from my mind as I let the music take my full attention. And it was wonderful. Check out his post. Maybe it’ll make a difference in your life too.

john pavlovitz

People die every day.

I realize that this isn’t news to you.

You’re probably not receiving it as a particularly profound idea.

I know you know this reality; that your brain understands it, but I guess I thought your heart needed to be reminded today.

Forgetting is sometimes our greatest failure, our most grievous sin.

People will die today.

People are dying now.

Thousands will simply and stunningly cease to breathe, in the time it takes to read this; fathers, wives, children, friends, mentors, co-workers, neighbors.

Their hearts will beat, and then they will not.

They will be here, and then the hereafter.

For most of the people who die today and those who love them, they won’t see it coming.

The majority of them won’t wake up thinking, “This is the last time I’ll do this.”

They won’t consider that this will be their last trip around the sun, or to work, or to the…

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