Cute as a Button

When I visited the endodontic specialist back in November, I could hear what sounded like a TV but couldn’t see one. I idly wondered whether there was a TV behind me and if I was really getting the full attention of the dentist. But soon enough, my chair was pivoted back and I found the source of the noise. There was a TV mounted on the ceiling.

I found this patently ridiculous and almost asked them to turn it off. We don’t watch TV and I expected daytime TV to be some of the worst fare available. Which it basically was. But there was one little bit that made all of it – and I do mean all of it, broken tooth and all – worth it.

This lady came on to talk about tips and tricks for storing and sorting your jewelry. This has become a recent hassle of mine in that I now have an interest in wearing earrings. A pixie haircut reveals your ears very nicely; unlike the long style that previously kept mine covered. Problem was that I kept my measly supply of earrings loose in a small box. Some mornings found me digging through the box fruitlessly searching for the match to the earring I had decided to wear.

The lady’s solution was seriously an “Oh, my! That is so awesome!” moment. Ok, ok, in a first-world-problem kind of way, but hey! Cut me some slack. I live in the first world and my earrings were becoming a problem.

Anyway, the solution was to use buttons. That’s right, buttons. There are two holes in the middle. Put an earring in each hole, and voila! A pair of earrings is held together. Easy to sort through the box and find. Perfect. And I just happened to have a stash of buttons from my great grandmother. I knew I was saving them for something…

2015-01-22 20.54.02

3 thoughts on “Cute as a Button

  1. Pretty cool idea. Oddly enough, I am probably the only woman on earth who does not have pierced ears but I still have an over crowded jewelry box. For Christmas this year, my sister gave me a jewelry armoire (the walk in closet of jewelry boxes). In transferring my jewelry, I sorted all my stuff out and got rid of a bunch of junk and the armoire was still packed!

    • Rocker mom? I figured you’d be covered in piercings! 😉 (just kidding)

      Isn’t it funny how we get rid of stuff and still don’t have space? Same thing happens with my closet. About a year before my earring epiphany, I started wearing necklaces. I had taken a jewelry making course and figured if I had made my own necklaces, I should make an effort to wear them. It wasn’t easy to get in the habit (in fact, I planned to wear one today but forgot to put it on). Anyway, my solution to the jumble of necklaces was to get one of those things that hangs in your closet with the little clear zipper pockets. That was fine before, but now it’s nowhere close to that box of earrings! lol

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