Your Stats Are Booming!

I’ve been noticing some strange things about my WordPress account of late. I’m curious if anyone else has noticed something similar.

The first is just curious, not particularly alarming, but it has to do with when I cut back on how often I posted. Twice in December, I posted something to the effect of, “Gosh, I’m just really busy and can’t seem to get around to writing my blog or reading anyone else’s so don’t be surprised if you don’t see much of me.” I picked up multiple new followers after both of those. I found that humorous. Hey, yes! I’d like to follow someone who doesn’t actually post anything! LOL

Humorous, but not baffling. What was baffling was to get the “Your Stats Are Booming!” notification from WordPress when I hadn’t posted a story in a week. Did some old post of mine suddenly go viral? I’d ask myself the first few times it happened.

But a trip to the stats page would show that while I had had 50 some views in the previous hour, they had all come from 2 or 3 people. Ok, whatever, some folks traipsing through my vast archive… Only… those 2 or 3 people all accessed the same exact random stories. Not the 10 most recent or the 10 most popular. Ten completely random posts.

The stats page also showed me something else. Before, when I was posting practically everyday, I’d get a dozen views or so on the day I posted. Sometimes more. The day after something posted, I’d get a handful, and then there’d be nothing until I posted again.

But now? I noticed I was getting more views on off days than I used to get on on days. I am consistently getting 20-30 views a day now, whether I post or not. Wonder when that started happening, I thought to myself.

Nothing to be concerned with, right? Bloggers blog at least in part to be read. I should be happy. But I analyze. That’s how I live my life. So how exactly was I supposed to make sense of something like this?



So if I’m to believe my stats page, 3 visitors contributed a total of 45 views. Except that I had 6 different posts (not including my home page) that each got 5 views. So did each of them read 2 different posts 5 times? Or did they each read all 6 of those posts a couple of times and then each read 2 of them a third time, but each a different post? Or maybe one person looked at my home page 15 times and each of the other two read three posts 5 times each?

I’m having trouble drawing conclusions. The numbers don’t line up in a way that makes sense. This particular screen capture shows the posts were basically the most recent posts, but earlier in the year, they weren’t. A fairly pedestrian (hah! punny…) post entitled One Shoe was getting a lot of traffic at one point.

So here’s my theories:

  1. WordPress is actually terrible at counting the number of visitors. Or maybe the number of views.
  2. WordPress is trying to encourage me to publish more often by lying to me about the number of views.
  3. I’m getting watched by a bot (why, I have no idea).
  4. Someone is stalking me but has terrible memory so has to keep re-reading my posts.
  5. Someone is reading through my archives and loves the stuff so much that s/he keeps sending links to their 2 best friends.

I dunno. None of those theories feels particularly viable. You got anything better for me?




16 thoughts on “Your Stats Are Booming!

  1. Yeah, WP is weird. Stats seem to boom for no apparent reason. As for the followers, the only thing I seem to notice is that I get a lot more around the New Year because that’s when people decide they want to start blogging. Also, the numbers…the visitors to views ratio is not reliable. One day I had over 100 views and only 1 visitor. Then sometimes I get a bunch of likes and the numbers don’t budge. My husband blogs and he has noticed that happen to him too.

    • Yeah, I’ve noticed those kinds of problems all along. The number of likes exceeds the number of views… um, how? And I often don’t pay attention to the views vs. visitors for the reasons you mention. I’m guessing bawboh is right up there and my “stats booming” states are just caused by a bot. But… hmmm… the increased viewership this past month being a New Year’s Resolution thing… hadn’t thought of that. Guess I, like the gym, will see a drop-off in attendance soon!

      • Well, I can tell you for sure that followers definitely increase around the New Year more so than at any time and there is a drop off after that. However, hopefully an overall increase over time. Not everyone drops off, as you know!!

  2. I’ve noticed a similar trend on mine and couldn’t figure it out for quite a while. But, since I post sporadically and have a very small readership, I never paid much attention to the stats.

    Then. I noticed a trend. It would seem I was getting that “booming” notice whenever I was also getting a Google alert with my own content. Perhaps try setting up a few google alerts? Use phrases such as “bright spots” and see what happens. For mine, because my Google alerts include the phrase “Laura Ingalls Wilder” and my full name, I do get hits from potential clients looking into hiring me for public speaking gigs who don’t already follow my blog. And it would stand to reason that if a museum or school or library employee was poking around investigating me, they might refer a co-worker to read my stuff too before they made a decision to contact me and inquire. I’ve had several venues mention that I have “a lot of stuff” on my website. But my website, although linked within my blog, actually is a simple flashpage. So I think they Google me and land on my blog, thinking it is my website. Either way, it works.

    Perhaps you really are getting hits due to Google alerts that others have set up. Especially where you are saying the same random blog posts are coming up as suddenly being read by a few people. But since your topics are so wide and varied, you get random unrelated hits. I’m thinking about how one of your posts a while ago mentioned you kept wanting to write about Ferguson but couldn’t seem to actually do it. Was that one of the blog posts that had several random hits? Perhaps a Ferguson Google alert was pointing people to that entry?

    That’s my best guess.

    • That’s an interesting theory. I’ll have to look into whether any search terms were directing them to me those days. I don’t remember which stories were being hit at this point. That might have been one of them.

  3. I wish I had some answers for you, but I don’t :/! I love that you love your family so much. What inspires you to have a family centered life?

    • I’m not sure how to answer that. I don’t think I’m as focused on my kids as many parents are. I haven’t lost myself in parenthood – I still do plenty that is “me”. I love my husband because he truly is my best friend. I love my kids because they are (typically) great people and I’m proud of them. Now… this blog is centered mostly on my family life because that’s where I found the most interesting stories to tell. 🙂

  4. Hi, your post is spot on about how I am feeling at this moment. Even I was wondering about the same thing. I am a newbie and my blog is not even 48hrs old. But I managed publishing 7 posts (because I didn’t realise I could keep them in drafts). And, the most incomprehensible thing is, “How did I get 177 views and 13 visitors without promoting it?” I didn’t expect that kind of response( even though my blog is still under construction for some pages.) I was writing the blog because I wanted to keep it like a journal for my future and expected 0 response.

  5. Howdy, I found this page of yours just now when I was consulting The Oracle, trying to figure out why my stats are climbing by the hour. If only I was being discovered but sadly, I have only a handful of devoted subscribers and followers. Oddly, LiteSpeed Cache appeared in my plugins and I know I didn’t put it there so something is definitely going on.

  6. I notice this too though our blog is completely new (only several months old, or at least 2 months old). how strange. This happened when I am activating jetpack plugin. Will keep watching it throughout this new year.

  7. I get the same thing on a smaller scale. ‘Your stats are booming!’ When I have barely posted all year. I’ll randomly get a day with 30ish views and one visitor within one hour. I’ll look at the previous few weeks and there’s steady traffic which looks more legitimate. I’ll have referrers for those and there will be a few visitors and a closer fitting amount of views. I can’t tell how real those ones are but I’ve even found often that when I do post there are still too many views for the amount of visitors. I think it’s a mix of your first three listed. They really have no idea but they use bots to make you think you’re getting traffic so that you keep using them as your site base. So I feel like stats are basically a surly feature and probably best to use google analytics instead.

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