There’s These Men…

So I’m driving down the road when Hal starts his longwinded manner of trying to tell me something.

“Mommy? You know that store? That one with all the books? The one with lots and lots of books?”

I have no clue if he means Hasting’s or Half Price Books or still some other place, but I make a slight affirmative noise and he continues.

“Well there’s a magazine I want.”

“What’s the name of the magazine?”

“I don’t know, but…” At this point, I know I’m going to get a very detailed description that likely won’t help me figure out the magazine. “…there’s these men. There’s three of them on the cover…”

I’m wondering if this might be some fitness magazine.

“…and they are holding guns…”


“…and there’s this big red skull in the middle of them.”

Oh, my.

“But the scary stuff doesn’t show up until the middle of the book,” he assures me. “Although there is this really strange looking dog.”

I have no clue what this magazine is and I’m not sure I want to know. I am fairly confident that I won’t be purchasing it for my Kindergartner.

7 thoughts on “There’s These Men…

  1. I think children automatically think that everyone can see inside their head and will know exactly what they’re talking about. Even my 12 year old starts a conversation from the inside of a video game assuming I know what he means, which is pretty scary when he starts off with ‘so my kill count is up to 200,000!

    • I think you are right, but Hal is still a bit unique. This story might not be the best example, but he has a strange way of trying to describe stuff. If he wants to tell me he saw someone I know, he doesn’t say, “I saw that lady from church that sits behind us.” He’ll say “You know that lady? {without identifying her as being from church} The one with the grey hair? And she has like this thing. And it’s shaped kind of straight and long and then it’s bendy at the end and she kind of bends over and she’s with that guy. That guy with that silver thing with the tennis balls on the bottom? And they walk really slow but she has candy. You know that lady?”

      Regarding kids and video games… Arrgghhh! Pet peeve of mine! I can’t convince my 11 year old that I know nothing about his video game and couldn’t care less about him nearly beating Plantera (or whatever it’s called).

      • Wow, about Hal, that’s weird because at first I was with you, like starting with the lady out of context, like my kids, but then getting into all that detail. That’s a bit bizarre and genius all at the same time. As for the video games, yes, is it wrong to just tell your child “I have no idea what you’re talking about and I really don’t care!!”?

  2. My husband starts conversations the same way as Marissa described. And probably along the same topic as what your child describes here. And if he asked me, I wouldn’t go buy this magazine for my husband either.

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