Jane Smith?

Jane and I were at the Goodwill… poppin’ tags, as Macklemore would say… We were looking for a denim mini-skirt to complete her eighties outfit for a dance that evening. I had gifted her a hot pink zebra print shirt that I actually wear from time to time. The friend that bought that shirt for me had offered her hot pink zipper earrings. We had found some hot pink leg warmers in her drawer (don’t ask… not sure). And she already had some black leggings. All we were lacking was a mini-skirt.

There’s actually an impressive collection of denim mini-skirts at the Goodwill, so we selected half a dozen and headed to the dressing room. While we were in there – with her groaning and complaining about how ridiculous she was going to look – we heard someone say her name loud and clear outside.

“Jane Smith?!”

We froze and looked at each other.

“Did I just hear my name?” she asked as I struggled to unlatch the hook on the door. I poked my head out to see a building full of people looking back and forth in silence. I made eye contact with the woman behind the desk.

“Are you Jane Smith?” she asked. I was dumbfounded. I didn’t see anyone in the room that I knew. Who knew Jane’s name and why were they looking for her?

“Um, no,” I replied cautiously. “That’s my daughter’s name.” I pointed back into the dressing room.

At that, the woman held up Jane’s distinctive wallet. My eyes went wide as saucers. She had just gotten paid for her monthly chores that day, plus the substantial (for a teenager) pay she had earned over Spring Break. Apparently, her wallet had been in her lap and fallen to the ground when she got out of the car. Some kind soul had brought it in. They knew her name because her father writes her receipts for her phone bill payments to us, complete with her name at the top. And, fortunately, she stores those in her wallet.

As it was handed to me, another customer said, “There are still some good people in the world.”

I smiled and said, “I actually think there are still a lot of good people in this world.”

And then I closed the door and handed the wallet to my red-faced, slightly panicked daughter. That was a close one.



2 thoughts on “Jane Smith?

  1. There have been two times in the last year when I took my wallet out at the bank and just left it at the table there. Once I was at the grocery store (where the bank is) and I went to pay for my groceries and realized it was gone. When I went to the bank table, it was still there untouched. Another time, I went to the bank a few blocks from my home and got home only to realize it was gone. I ran back and found a good samaritan waiting there to return it to me. Then just recently, I was getting out of my car and my sunglasses must have fallen out when I was getting out. Someone hung them on the door for me. There are still a lot of good people in this world indeed!

    • Yikes! I didn’t realize just how negligent I had been at keeping up with the comments! Bad blogger, bad blogger! lol

      Yes, I think there are still many more good people than bad in this world. We just often make the mistake of assuming the ones we watch or read about are the norm instead of the outliers.

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