I Like The Person I Am Becoming

I have been insanely, crazy busy for the last several weeks. Way, way, way too busy to indulge in writing. It’s been painful to compose stories in my head without the ability to get them typed up and then feel them leak away, knowing later only that it had been a good one.

But this thought floated through my head tonight as I left our last nightly ice cream after-VBS party and I thought about how much fun I’d had being the director this year. How satisfied I felt. How much I had grown through the experience. How much I had enjoyed – gasp! – other people’s kids. I thought about many of the things happening to me and in me right now and this thought settled in, front and center:

I really like the person I am becoming. I truly do.

For those few people who know me well, they know just how big a statement that is. So I wanted to take just a minute to say it out loud – so to speak. I like who I am. I like who I am becoming. And I’m excited to see how I grow next.

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