Circle Time


Well, yes dear. That certainly is a set of more than 6 circles. Now if only you had applied the same creativity and extra effort to your writing homework…



“Well??!!” he exclaimed. “I was trying to use all those words!”

“Ok, so maybe you try ‘I was at home and then I went to school, where I saw my teacher and gave her an apple. Then I saw my principal…” I started.

“Who had a monkey on his shoulder!” my husband added in.

“And that monkey handed me a book to read! It was the weirdest thing ever,” I finished. “Isn’t that a much more interesting story?”


“When they tell you to use all the words, it’s still ok and probably a good idea to use other words too, sweetheart.”

Gotta love first grade.

3 thoughts on “Circle Time

  1. I have a hard time getting my kids to be creative. I don’t know…it was easy for me. I’m actually having a giant issue with my daughter’s school because they are introducing this common core curriculum which makes no sense and they are actually using my daughter as a guinea pig to test it out. But never mind that, the purpose of the common core is to try and make kids think more critically. They say that nowadays kids are coming in to college without the ability to think critically but I have to wonder why all of a sudden? I somehow don’t think changing the school’s curriculum is going to help that. Sorry, I know it’s a bit of a tangent but this post forced me to make that connection and I’m wondering what you think.

    • I tend to think kids are thinking less critically but I don’t know what the cause is. I have always assumed it came from so much focus on testing. So I could see curriculum changes helping. Whether common core in particular achieves that or not, I have no opinion.

      • My husband did comment that he thinks the curriculum is focused on getting good test scores but my daughter ended up getting a 75 on her math test. There were 2 questions of the 5 she got wrong (and one dubious) that were technically right but not the question they were looking for. I complained but they told me that they will be conditioning to have the kids get the answer they are looking for, even though it’s not being explicitly explained in the question. Sounds like a lot of BS to me!!

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