Sometimes, when I’m walking back out to my car in a crowded parking lot and I can’t quite remember where I left it, I click the unlock button on my FOB so my car will beep at me.

Sometimes, I’m way off on where I think the car is, so I hear the beep from a distance and navigate slowly toward it, clicking the button and listening for the responding beeps.

Sometimes, when I do this, I imagine that my car is nearly sentient – my patient, friendly, personal robot calling back to me. When I finally find my way to the right aisle and the click of the button elicits the beeps and the car flashes its headlights at me, I smile at my success. And I imagine that my robot is smiling too. As happy as I am to be reunited. My own personal R2-D2.

Sometimes, life is simple and pleasing and whimsical and fun. Sometimes.

3 thoughts on “Sometimes…

  1. Right, and sometimes you click the darn thing and you can’t even hear the car and then you realize that you accidentally opened your trunk and then you still can’t hear the car and your walking forever and then you realize that you have to go back and pay the meter again because the time it allotted you to get out of the lot is used up…sometimes…

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