Children & Communication: The Great Irony

When you care about the details:

Mom: “So how was school today?”

Child: “Fine.”

Mom: “Anything special happen?”

Child: “No.”

Mom: “I heard the fire alarms went off.”

Child: “Oh. Yeah.”

Mom: “So what did you do?”

Child: “We went outside.”

Mom: “Was it scary? Exciting? I heard there was smoke in the hallways.”

Child: *shrug*

When you don’t care about the details:

(Mom asks the initial question because school dress code does not allow blue socks.)

Mom: “Why are you wearing blue socks?”

Child: “Because I’m wearing my boots and…”

Mom: “Ok, I understand.”

Child: “No, wait! Let me explain! I’m wearing my boots and I’m going to wear my pants over the top of the boots so…”

Mom: “Got it. I need to go finish getting ready.”

Child: “But, wait! See, I’m wearing my boots with the blue tops but I’m going to wear my pants over the boots so the blue doesn’t show but when I wear short socks when I’m wearing the pants over the boots, the boots are cold on my skin so I’m going to wear tall socks so that doesn’t happen.”



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