It’s (Not Quite) Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas…

My Kindergarten son still has so much to learn about our family. So much to learn…

As we drove by some lit up houses the other day, he adopted his most know-it-all, disgusted tone, copied so carefully from his older siblings, and said, “Why.  Do all these people.  Have their Christmas decorations out?!  It’s not even Christmas yet.”

“Actually,” I countered, “this is an appropriate time to put decorations out.  It’s December and that’s when people put up Christmas decorations.  We are getting awfully close to Christmas.”

He turned his head in shock and dismay.  His tone turned accusatory.  “Then why don’t we have our decorations out?”

“Because we’ve been busy.  We’ll get to it.”

Give him a few years.  He’ll learn – eventually – that if we don’t pull the decorations down from the attic the day before we leave for Thanksgiving so we can put up the tree that weekend when we return, it might not happen for weeks.  He’ll learn that only once or twice in the 20+ years of our marriage have we ever had decorations/lights up outside the house.  He’ll learn to be grateful that the tree gets up in time.  Shoot.  One year, I cut out some green paper in the shape of a tree and taped it to the wall.  Much younger versions of his siblings actually had a good time drawing the decorations that year.

He’ll learn.  We aren’t like normal people.  Given time, he’ll even come to appreciate it.