Cute as a Button

When I visited the endodontic specialist back in November, I could hear what sounded like a TV but couldn’t see one. I idly wondered whether there was a TV behind me and if I was really getting the full attention of the dentist. But soon enough, my chair was pivoted back and I found the source of the noise. There was a TV mounted on the ceiling.

I found this patently ridiculous and almost asked them to turn it off. We don’t watch TV and I expected daytime TV to be some of the worst fare available. Which it basically was. But there was one little bit that made all of it – and I do mean all of it, broken tooth and all – worth it.

This lady came on to talk about tips and tricks for storing and sorting your jewelry. This has become a recent hassle of mine in that I now have an interest in wearing earrings. A pixie haircut reveals your ears very nicely; unlike the long style that previously kept mine covered. Problem was that I kept my measly supply of earrings loose in a small box. Some mornings found me digging through the box fruitlessly searching for the match to the earring I had decided to wear.

The lady’s solution was seriously an “Oh, my! That is so awesome!” moment. Ok, ok, in a first-world-problem kind of way, but hey! Cut me some slack. I live in the first world and my earrings were becoming a problem.

Anyway, the solution was to use buttons. That’s right, buttons. There are two holes in the middle. Put an earring in each hole, and voila! A pair of earrings is held together. Easy to sort through the box and find. Perfect. And I just happened to have a stash of buttons from my great grandmother. I knew I was saving them for something…

2015-01-22 20.54.02