Mom, the Lego Mechanic

After Daddy took Daryl to Boy Scouts and we dropped Jane off at volleyball practice, Hal and I found ourselves at home alone. The living room is a disaster and we have company coming Friday so I began to pick up.

I found Hal’s Battat airplane and cordless drill toy but it was missing a screw. There was no way to reattach the propeller. I picked up the parts and searched for the screw. I didn’t find it but I did find a Hot Wheels car and a handful of Lego’s. Gathering up my finds, I headed to the boys’ bedroom.

Once there, I deposited the Lego’s and car in their appropriate tubs and then placed the airplane in its designated spot, which was right next to Daryl’s Lego X-Wing Fighter. That’s when I noticed that the X-Wing had a sagging wing and was missing three of its wingtip lasers.

I found one of the lasers and a few loose parts nearby, so I sat on the end of Hal’s bed and began the important task of reconstruction. I had just identified that other parts were truly missing and begun to dig through one of the Lego boxes when I was called.

“I’m done!!”

Every parent loves those words. Duty called and I placed the X-Wing Fighter carefully on the bed and headed to the bathroom, my mind still on how easy or hard it might be to find the missing parts and whether I wanted to find them in the right color.

Absentmindedly, I wiped Hal’s bottom, announced “there you go!”, and then flushed the toilet. As I rinsed the soap from my hands, I heard a splash and a groan from Hal.

Turning back to the toilet, I saw him sitting on the floor with a shocked look on his face. He was holding his right arm in the air over the toilet and it was wet. Water was all over the seat and the lid.

“What happened?!”

“You didn’t put the lid down!!” he wailed.

“No, I didn’t, honey. You should look before you try to put your hand on the lid. Well, you are going to have to take a shower now.”

I was as unhappy as Hal since this further delayed my mechanic duties in the bedroom. Then, inspiration hit. As I helped him undress, I asked, “Would you rather take a bath instead?”


Before I knew it, he was happily splashing in bubbles and I was happily digging through the Lego bins. It took awhile, but eventually I found all missing parts, in the right colors, and even found the three missing lasers, still intact.

I have such a sense of accomplishment. My husband might come home wondering why I didn’t get more done in the living room, but, hey! Things come up! The Rebel Alliance can’t possibly fight against the Empire with their fighters in such a state of disrepair!