Making Sacrifices

Jane asked me to try on her jeans this evening. When I asked why, she began to beg. It was an odd request, but I told her to set them on my bed and I’d try them on in a few minutes.

Being of an older generation than her, I have a different preference on how my jeans are cut. To be perfectly blunt, I like to know I’m not showing everyone my butt crack when I bend over. The jeans fit but felt dangerously low to me. They were also uncomfortably snug on my thighs. This isn’t because mine are bigger than hers – guys at school have told her she has “man thighs” (which she considers a compliment). I just prefer relaxed fit.

Nevertheless, I walked into her room wearing the jeans. She looked at me and wordlessly motioned for me to spin around. I lifted my shirt slightly and complied. “Well?” I asked.

“They look good on you. I just wanted to see how they looked. I like them.”

“Mmm,” I said, reaching into the front pocket and pulling out the fun pack of peanut M&M’s I had noticed inside them. “Thanks for the M&M’s!”

“Wait! Give those back to me!” She tried to wrestle me down as I waved the candy just out of her reach. Since she’s an inch and a half taller than me, I knew I couldn’t hold out for long. So I feinted one direction and then darted my hand to my mouth. I shoved one end of the package into my mouth – enough to trap a single M&M behind my teeth.

She carefully grabbed my hand, which was still holding the bag.

“Mommy…” she said in her best threatening tone. “Open your mouth.”

I shook my head and grunted an “Uh-uh!” all while laughing and struggling. I contemplated pulling on the package with my teeth to tear it apart and eat the one I had trapped behind my teeth. She continued her calm yet menacing insistence that I release the treasure.

Before I could decide to act on my impulse, she began to pull on the bag. I clenched my teeth and kept the single M&M trapped. Eventually the paper tore and I triumphantly showed the M&M between my teeth before crunching on it.

She shrugged as she tucked the remainder away. “Sometimes you’ve got to make sacrifices.”