No Comparison

Morning Edition ran a story this morning about a twelve year old girl who has composed hundreds of songs for piano and released six albums. She was matching pitch when lullabies were sung to her at the tender young age of one. She composed her first song at age three. By the time she was five, she had performed in a 45 minute solo concert, one third jazz & ragtime, one third classical, one third original composition.

They asked her if she could play one of her early compositions so she played a piece called Little Angels that she wrote for her sister. She said she was four when she wrote it. This song touched me in a way that only truly special music does. I became quiet and turned inward. The music washed over me and tears welled in my eyes. It was truly beautiful.

For perspective, I reminded myself that she is Jane’s age. When she spoke, she actually sounded even younger than Jane. And when she wrote that song that captured my heart, she was the same age Hal is now. Hal. I pondered my wonderful little boy with the cute smile and the budding personality and the stubborn streak so strong in all my children. My heart swelled with love. And I sincerely hoped that today he wouldn’t pull anyone’s pants down on the playground.