Evolution of a Nap

Hal hasn’t been taking naps lately.  This is good practice for Kindergarten in the Fall, when he must face the rigors of a formal education without that pesky little distraction of sleep in the middle of the day.  He likes the new arrangement.  We aren’t quite sold on it.

Saturday, he was being a bit grouchy and we had made him go to his room for quiet time.  After quiet time, he had wandered into the living room and begun to pester the dog… who happens to still appreciate nap time.  A lot.


What she doesn’t appreciate is non-napping youngsters bothering her during hers.  So she tolerated the snuggling and neck pulling for oh, about… 2 seconds, and then gave a little growling snap of protest, which prompted at least 2 people to call out sternly, “Hal!  Leave Rose alone!  You know better than that!”

Hal took a break for maybe 2 minutes and then had another go.  I scolded him and told him to return to his room.  He flopped on the floor.  I was busy with garage sale preparations so I didn’t notice right away.  This is what I found a little bit later:

20140712_144134I’m pretty sure this started as a pout.  But after awhile, I noticed that he wasn’t moving.  The pout had evolved into a nap.  Praise the Lord!


The dragon stayed perfectly placed to give me a smile each time I walked through the room for some time.  But let’s face it; sleeping on the floor really isn’t all that comfortable.  Especially when there’s no carpet.  Even when you are a little guy.  So eventually the pout that had evolved into an impromptu nap evolved again.

20140712_152712And again.

20140712_161326And again.

20140712_161535And even though he was sort of in a main thoroughfare, we all tiptoed quietly around him and enjoyed the peace.  Except Rose, who stayed sprawled out on the couch… enjoying the peace.






This is in response to the Weekly Writing Challenge: telling a story in exactly 50 words.


After a brief, sleepless nap: “Can I get up now?”

“Another thirty minutes,” said his dad.

Cheerfully avoiding the bed, he laid out a pallet on the floor to wait out the short time until rising.

And thus he was found an hour later, motionless and peaceful in his slumber.


Nap Time

As we were wrapping up lunch after church, the older two began pestering me to watch a movie during Hal’s nap. I listened to the arguments for allowing them to watch this PG-13 movie and listened to my husband’s recommendation, since he’s already seen it.

I listened but my brain wasn’t engaging. I honestly couldn’t decide whether I wanted to watch it, much less whether I was willing to let them watch it. Finally a coherent thought made it through and I acted on it. I moved my cup away and laid my head down on my arms.

“I think Mommy needs a nap,” my husband said.

“I think she should take a nap in her body,” said Hal.

“Well, I think in her body would definitely be the best method for her to take a nap. It would probably be a lot more comfortable than an out-of-body nap. Dontcha think?”

“Well,” Hal clarified, “She could take a nap in her body or in her head or in a cup.”

“Do you think Mommy could fit in a cup?”

“Well, it would have to be a very big, big, big cup for her.”