Brownie Theft and Reconciliation

We had a dessert auction at church to raise money for Relay for Life. My family brought home three desserts. The strawberry pie and plum cake were lovely, but the brownie with cookies & cream candy crushed inside of it was the runaway hit.

I offered to take it to work and keep it at my desk so my husband wouldn’t eat too much of it. He counter-offered to hide it from me. We tried to restrain ourselves from eating it too quickly, and as a result, there was still some in the pan when I left for work four days later.

I was more than a bit disappointed to see the pan empty when I came home. Then my husband gave me a gift.

“I saved the last piece for you. It’s in a baggie above the oven.”

I spied it sitting there and relaxed. I’d have a nice treat to take to work the next day, which was great since my lunch would consist of a single dinner roll sized sandwich and a few Fritos.

Unfortunately, I forgot about the brownie until shortly after I got to work. Crushed, I called my husband to tell him just how miserable I was that I wouldn’t get to eat it at lunch.

“Tell you what,” he said. “I’ll go in there right now and eat it while I’m on the phone with you. I’ll tell you all about how it tastes so you can enjoy it through me.”

“Don’t you dare!”

“Where is it?”

“Where is what? Don’t joke around.”

“I’m serious. Your brownie. It’s not here.”

There was a brief moment of silence before I figured it out.

“She’s dead. She is so dead! I can’t believe she took my brownie! And after I let her take two of those little sandwiches and I only got one.”

I contemplated sending her a text saying that she was dead if she didn’t return the brownie. I thought some teachers might not understand the death threat part of it was a joke, though. Plus, I got busy at work and got over it. Just a little bit. I mean, I’d had quite a bit of it… but, man, it tasted good!

My husband hadn’t forgotten though. When I came home from work, he and Jane showed me a pan of still-warm brownies on the counter and Jane said, “I’m sorry I ate your brownie, Mommy.”

They had looked up the recipe online and made a fresh batch for me after school. Everyone had some for game night that evening. And then my husband wrapped the last six pieces in some foil and told me and Jane that they were mine. There’s two left. I guess I should probably share them with her.