Beer and Grinch Poop

On the way home from our Christmas Eve service tonight, my husband asked the kids what they were going to set out for Santa tonight. We only have one “believer”, but the other two are good at playing along.

“Cookies!” called out Jane.

“Milk!” called out Hal.

“Beer!” called out Jane, recalling a time we had set out a beer for Santa and he had consumed it.

“No!” said Hal. “Santa doesn’t drink beer!”

“Yes he does,” she responded.

“No he doesn’t!”

“Yes he does,” she said again.

Just as I was about to suggest to Jane that maybe it was the G-version Santa visiting us this year instead of the PG-13 one, Hal announced in an annoyed and exasperated tone, “Just because he has a beerd doesn’t mean he drinks beer! Geez, Sissy!”

Everyone laughed and then fell to silence. We drove a little ways farther down the road until Daddy asked, “Why don’t you each set out a different Rice Krispy treat?”

Now, I considered this sneaky indeed. Yesterday, they made regular Rice Krispy treats, plus some chocolate ones and some green ones made with Key Lime marshmallows. He told them they needed to be saved for Christmas day yet he’d been covertly eating the chocolate ones ever since. Now he was fishing for a sanctioned opportunity to consume three more.

They fell for it.

“I’ll set out the chocolate one!” called out Daryl.

“I’ll put out the plain,” said Jane.

“I’ll put out the Grinch Poop one!” finished Hal.