Running Away

When Jane was in the fourth grade, she blew the top off the AR reading record at school. AR stands for Accelerated Reader. Children read books and then take comprehension tests to earn points. For a variety of reasons, she had had limited access to computers to take the tests in third grade, so she was trying to compensate in fourth. The top reader in the school usually had 2 or 3 hundred points. By the end of the year, Jane had over 1000.

The Parent Teacher Association rewarded her with a new Kindle. The day before she was scheduled to receive the Kindle, I found the following note while cleaning up the living room:

I am sorry. I have run away, and taken the viola with me. I had to do it. Will be at school to collect Kindle tommorrow.
Love, Jane
P.S. Daddy works me to hard.

I wasn’t too concerned. The runaway was asleep in her room when I found the note. I guess she had a change of heart.