Imagining Pumpkin Greatness

I walked into the preschool to pick up Hal. As I entered my code at the front desk, I noticed the pink decorated pumpkin sitting there. Ah, I remembered. Next week is the pumpkin decorating contest.

I am categorically too busy for these kinds of contests and rarely participate, but I started imagining what we might do if we did. Earlier in the week, I had contemplated an Avengers pumpkin, maybe Captain America or the Hulk. Ooh! I thought. What if I reference another holiday? What if we did a snowman made out of three stacked pumpkins?

Hal had picked up one of his baby carrots at dinner the night before and commented what a great nose it would make for a snowman. It was of course way too small for a full sized snowman, but for a pumpkin sized one? Perfect! He’ll be so excited!

The pumpkin snowman began to take form in my mind as I walked down the hall. He wasn’t in his classroom and after peeking out the window to the playground, I noticed his teacher cleaning the bathroom. She said he was down in the movie room, so I went ahead and grabbed his papers and backpack then headed back down the hall.

As I exited the building, I was thinking about the weekend and came to the conclusion that we needed to go ahead and buy the three pumpkins tonight on our way home. I better get buy-in from Hal on the plan.

I looked down and to the right to ask Hal what he thought. I then froze in front of my truck in a moment of profound confusion. I had left the school without my child.